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Client: Karoondinha

Waking up by the campfire,

At first you don’t know where you are.

The world is a haze and dawn is on its way.

Then you stare into the fire 

And you’re awake.


A low feedback hum softens everything

As nature emerges into the world.

A wolf pads

The sun rises 

Sunflowers sway in the breeze.


And then the music drops;

Hits you in the chest, picks you up and lifts you.

The wilderness in daylight,

River running into rapids.

Untamed sky


Friends come together,

Join hands, feel the music,

Dance - primal and free

Wolf howls

Mountain lion roars

We are animals too.


Now it’s night, and all is darkness and light

You’re in a cave

You’re on a boat

You’re laughing and dancing

And truly connecting;

Giving yourselves to the beat.


And then you’re back where you began, by the campfire

Surrounded by your friends

And the world grows hazy

As the final chord fades.


Here, you are wild and free.

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