I am an ACD Writer based in NYC.

More importantly: husband, dog father, Seagulls fan and green card holder.

I'm born and bred in Brighton, a cockney holiday resort in the southeast of England. It's like San Francisco without tech and forest fires. I grew up poor, so am afflicted by the inexplicable desire to pay rent and consume luxury product categories, like food and electricity. This ensures “hunger” – the intangible personality trait that keeps me working harder, better, faster, stronger than the pampered recipients of safe, financially secure childhoods.

I started my working life as a lumberjack in rural France. Eventually I tired of the isolation and lack of internet and fell into the prestigious WPP Fellowship, a kind of selective breeding program for the next generation of executive leadership at WPP. Offered wealth and opportunities beyond my wildest dreams, I stupidly chose to leave it all behind and become a copywriter, spending a year at Landor, three years at Grey New York (where we won Adweek’s Agency of the Year twice) and have spent the last few years at Burns Group NYC.

Looking to hire? Here's what I can do for you.


  • Tons of experience producing broadcast, digital, print, experiential and activation work.

  • Team leadership and mentoring. We're all in this together.

  • Strategic thinking. I take clients' objectives seriously and once worked as a planner.

  • Hard work – it's tough to survive almost a decade working in New York without it.

  • I can write a little.



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