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Brand Manifestos

I've been lucky enough to write a lot of brand manifestos in my time. I love doing this—it's a pure writing exercise unlike anything else in advertising, and it really gives one a chance to define what a brand, product or service means to its audience. Here are a few, the images are to come.


iFM is a wonderful and unique organization that provides medical service support to other Not For Profits that couldn't otherwise provide it. They're generally invisible to the people receiving care—but they're invaluable to the NFPs they support.

DEEP Foods

I love Indian food. All of it. So I was honored to create the tagline and manifesto for the largest Indian food retailer in the US.

AT&T Business

I'm pretty sure a different company ran something very like this a couple of years after we pitched it. Hmmm....


An ill-fated music festival, planned for the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania. I was really inspired by this project, but for various reasons the festival itself fell apart. I still like this manifesto, though!

The Delmar DivINe

A new shared office building for Not For Profits, aimed at rebuilding St. Louis, on a street known around the world as a symbol of inequality and racial segregation? A truly rewarding experience to work on, this piece welcomes visitors at the entrance to the building.

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