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Darling Holiday Ornament

We knocked down half the agency just to make this holiday gift.

Writing: Tim Glebocki

Art Direction: Peter Rodick & Brett Kessinger

DAR 2022-Addys-Darling-HolidayOrnament_1.jpg

We knocked down half the agency just to make you this gift.


It’s true. The refined architectural marvel in our backyard—dated by some historians to as early as 1891, with a later fashionable addition in corrugated steel—is no more. Yet its legacy lives on in our hearts, and now on your tree. The ornament enclosed is made from the framing lumber and sheet metal exterior of the former Darling garage, may she rest in pieces. After all, one man’s trash is another’s treasure, and we treasure you. That came out wrong. 


Why are we sending you a piece of our garage for Christmas? Why not something useful like a space pen or a pillow with our faces on it? Well folks, it’s the supply chain. Just kidding.


Truthfully, we feel that you, our clients, own this garage demolition every bit as much as we do. It’s been your partnership and unwavering support that have allowed us to grow and thrive—building out our second floor, expanding our team and, now, demolishing the rusted, broken down, probably-dangerous shack in our backyard. Thank you, and here’s hoping the neighborhood racoons don’t migrate to a tree near you. Those guys are hungry.


Happy Holidays from everyone at Darling.


P.S. We invite ideas for what to do with the new space. Croquet lawn? Outdoor toilet? New scary garage? Text Blake.

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