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Client: The Watering Bowl


Our Paw Spaw is a kind of luxury grooming salon for down-to-earth doggos. But how do you know if your dog needs a visit? Good question. Here are seven answers.

1 – You can track your dog by scent.

 Ah yes, Essence of Pup. A heady mixture of wet and tired with just a hint of pee. Get them a shampoo and blowdry so you actually want to sniff them again.

2 – Your dog looks like she could star in Claws.

If your idea of a fun night in is getting those nails painted up, you do you. But if you’re like us and want to avoid getting a scar from doggie talons, try our nail clipping service. It’s a literal scratch saver.

3 – Whenever you run the bath, Fido hides under the bed.

We get it, not all dogs like to be bathed. Just like kids. At The Watering Bowl, we let them get good and exhausted first from playing with their friends—then demonstrate to them that bath time is actually pretty great.

4 – You believe Girls Night should be for good boys too.

Your dog deserves to be primped and preened too. We carefully blowdry our canine clients’ coats for the softest fur and the silkiest skin.

5 – Your carpets are getting as hairy as your dog.

Got a shedder? Our clothes feel your pain. We have installed a new supreme washing system at all locations: the Sav-Ur-Fur. It has a lot of benefits, but the most noticeable is it helps remove all of that loose undercoat. So dogs shed less and you get less fur all over the family sofa.

6 – You don’t want your pup to get British teeth.

American dentistry is second to none. American canine dentistry? It can be a little…lacking. If you’re finding it hard to find the time for dental care, leave it to us for a small fee.

7 – People stop you on walks and ask if you’re animal control.

Ouch. Sorry Boo, but you and your Schmoo need our help. We can’t wait to introduce you to your sparkling new (old) dog.

You can see our full range of services here and book a treatment. Heads up that most locations require a full day of play or boarding for Paw Spaw services, except for our South County location, which provides these services without the playtime.

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